This tool allows you to identify which languages are spoken by residents in Richmond upon Thames and in which parts of the borough these residents live at both Ward and LSOA levels.

Notes & Tips

  • All data in this explorer is publicly available information published in the 2011 Census.
  • All maps have additional information provided when you hover over Wards and LSOAs with the pointer.
  • Press CTRL + selection when using a slicer or filter to make multiple selections.
  • Cross-filtering is available on most visuals so click on any part of a bar chart or map to see all data on the page filtered onto that selection.
  • Clicking in the white space within or between visuals will remove any cross-filtering (but won’t affect filters selected with slicers).
  • If the text or visuals are too small in the default view, you can expand the report to full screen using the Expand option in the bottom-right (two-way arrow symbol). Press the ESC button to go back to the default view.